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For Ruin

How long are you working together as FOR RUIN, and where did the name FOR RUIN came from?

Well, the band’s music dates back to about ’98 or ’99 when I started writing some material alone and recording rough demos of it. In 2003-4 the band was still a one-man project and I released the first demo as a split with another band I used to play in. The in ’05 I recorded the second demo “Shade” while I lived in Spain for a few years and then when I returned to Ireland in ’06, I assembled the first lineup of the band, released the 3rd demo “Obsidian” and the band was signed shortly after that to Sentinel records for a couple of years – we have since left that label. The name of the band may have been inspired by some Tolkien quotes, I’m not sure to be honest, others have suggested as much. The band was initially called “Ruin” and somewhere along the way it got longer…!

On "Last Light" you quit your last Label and decided to release it by yourself, what´s behind that fact?

Mostly the fact that the business is changing so much and that the industry doesn’t really know whats going on right now. Its in a dynamic state and we will have to see where it ends up. In such a scenario we felt it wise to be our own masters, to fully own theh recordings of what we knew was going to be a really strong album. We may license it somewhere in time but for now its good to be in control of our own destiny. We are giving the album away for free download on so more people can check us out and if they like what they hear then they can chose to support us directly, and not some label or whatever. There is just 4 people behind this recording and many bands are starting to take this direction.

The Artwork on "Last Light" is amazing, are you expecting to work together with Paul McCarroll for a longer time?

I certainly hope so. Paul McCarroll’s name was on the top of my list for the artwork – he’d done the last few Primordial albums and he’s got a great style and flair that I always admired. I’m not sure the guys in the band knew who he was or if he was the guy that did the Primordial stuff, but once I suggested him we all figured it’d be great if we could have some of his work on our album.
We wanted a simple, striking “iconic” piece of artwork that was instantly recognisable and would be associated with the band. I was also very keen on it being one colour on a single coloured background. The most recent Septic Flesh album influenced us in this regard I think. It also follows through into the merchandise nicely and is simple, to the point. Initially we had no real ideas, then Pete and I along with Paul started to bounce a few ideas around, we tried a couple of things but ultimately I suggested the fractured cross design – its inspired by a Christian brothers logo. The track “In Suffering” is based on some negative aspects of the church in Ireland over the decades.

On "Last Light" there´s a really dark and melancholic atmosphere, reminds me a little of the older stuff from paradise lost or anathema. Which Bands you are "influenced" by?

Influences for us come from various sources, including music, but not exclusively from there of course. But in terms of bands, yes, Anathema, Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Dissection, Rotting Christ, Death, Hypocrisy, Unanimated, early Maiden... its all in there somewhere I suppose! Probably less so now than in the very beginning, but there are always going to be traces of those bands in our music. More recently we are listening to other stuff, not exclusively metal, but mostly metal I think.

Where can your "NEW" fans in Austria get your Records, Shirts and Stuff, is there an Distribution up here? And what about your older records? (i´d like to have these stuff to for myself!!)

The best place is to come directly to as that supports the band directly. Our music is available from as well as digitally on itunes etc., but getting the merch from us directly is cheaper and better for the band of course – we may well be funding our next recording ourselves so anything we make from the band goes straight back into the band. We hope to play some festivals in 2010 and also play some central European and UK shows… we may license Last Light to a European label in 2010 to enhance the distribution a bit but for now its best to come to us directly!


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