Region:  Vienna   |   Formed:  1993   |   Label:  Napalm Records   |   Status:  Active

1993 MC Upon The Viking Stallion (Self produced)
1994 MC Anno Mortiri Domini 1959 (Self produced)
1994 MC The Urilia Text (Split with Pazuzu) (Self produced)
1994 MC Promo (Self produced)
1995 CD Lugburz (Napalm Records)
1995 MC Minas Morgul (Promo) ((Self produced)
1995 CD Minas Morgul (Napalm Records)
1996 CD Dol Guldur (Napalm Records)
1997 MCD Nightshade Forests (Napalm Records)
1999 CD Stronghold (Napalm Records)
2001 CD Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame (Napalm Records)
2003 MCD Lost Tales (Napalm Records)
2006 CD Oath Bound (Napalm Records)
2007 LP-Box Sounds of Middle-Earth (Temple of Darkness Records)
2013 CD/LP Old Mornings Dawn (Napalm Records)
2013 EP Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves (Napalm Records)


1995 CD With Us Or Against Us (Napalm Records)

Protector (Richard Lederer) - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Drum Programming (Ice Ages and more)
Silenius (Michael Gregor) - Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (Abigor, Amestigon, Pazuzu and more)


Pazuzu (Raymond Wells) - Vocals (Pazuzu, Summoning, Raventhrone and more)
Trifixion Of The Horned God (Alexander Trondl) - Drums (Trifixion, Pazuzu and more)

Summoning's first song with programmed drums (recorded spring 1995), was featured exclusively on the 1995 Napalm Records compilation CD "With Us Or Against Us".

Temple Of Darkness Records is preparing 5 picture discs boxed set entitled "Sounds Of The Middle-Earth", limited to 1000 copies, containing "Lugburz", "Minas Morgul" and "Dol Guldur" albums.

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