Region:  Salzburg   |   Formed:  1991   |   Label:  Nuclear Blast   |   Status:  Active

1991 MC Kruzifixion (Self produced)
1993 MCD Bloodbath In Paradise (Self produced)
1994 EP Obscure And Deep (Perverted Taste)
1994 CD The Last Supper (Lethal Austria)
1997 CD Blutsabbath (Last Epitaph)
1999 CD The Last Supper (Last Episode)
2000 CD Necrodaemon Terrorsathan (Last Episode)
2002 CD Infernal Live Orgasm (Phallelujah Productions)
2003 CD/LP Lucifer Incestus (Napalm Records)
2004 CD The Last Supper & Blutsabbath (Twilight)
2005 CD/LP Goatreich - Fleshcult (Napalm Records)
2006 CD/LP Pestapokalypse VI (Nuclear Blast)
2008 CD/LP Bondage Goat Zombie (Nuclear Blast)
2009 CD/LP Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn (Nuclear Blast)
2011 CD/LP Blood Magick Necromance (Nuclear Blast)

Helmuth - Heretic Grunts, Chainsaw (Betrayer)
Serpenth - Bass Devastation
Martin "Marthyn" Jovanovic - Session Drums (Bled Dry, Veritas Mentis)
Wolfgang Süssenbeck - Session Guitar (Darkside, Demolition)


Bernth - Session Guitar (Bled Dry, Darkside, Devanic)
Sigurd - Six String Flagellation (Betrayer)
Tony Laureano - Drums (Dimmu Borgir, 1349, Nile, Malevolent Creation and more)
Marius (Reverend Mausna) - Bass, Vocals (Pungent Stench, Collapse 7)
Maxx - Vocals, Bass (Betrayer)
Barth - Bass, Vocals (Our Survival Depends On Us)
A-X - Bass
Torturer - Drums (Mor Dagor)
Chris - Drums (Betrayer)
Man - Drums (Mastic Scum)
Nefastus (Tomasz Janiszewski) - Drums (The Exorial, Luna Field, Beast of Damnation)
Robin Eaglestone - Bass (Criminal, December Moon, Grimfist, Cradle of Filth)

Belphegor comes from the biblical name Baal-Peor, he is the God of the Moabites. The story is that when Israel owned the northeast corner of the plains of Moab, the Israelites would have illicit relations with the Moabite women and would sacrifice them to their god. Moses punished by death the Israelites who had sacrificed to Baal-Peor. The slaughter amounted to 24,000 deaths.

Formerly known as Betrayer. Interview 2004 Interview 2002

St. Jakob Dorf 2
A-5412 Puch

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